Design and conception

Our furniture design and conception service involves detailed consultations, accurate designs and sketches, high-quality material selection, skilled construction, rigorous quality control checks, but above all, great listening. We take pride in our attention to detail and our commitment to delivering furniture that exceeds our client's expectations. Our quality control checks ensure that every piece of furniture we create is of the highest quality and meets our exacting standards. Here’s what you can ​expect:
  1. Initial consultation to understand the customer's needs and preferences
  2. Conceptualization and ideation phase to generate design concepts​​
  3. Collaboration with the customer to refine the design concepts and select the final design
  4. Production of 3D renderings or physical prototypes to ensure the design meets the customer's expectations
  5. Manufacturing and production of the final custom piece
  6. Quality control checks to ensure the final product meets our high standards
  7. Delivery and installation (if necessary) of the custom piece to the customer's location
  8. Follow-up with the customer to ensure their satisfaction with the final product and address any concerns

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