Walnut standing desk with dimensions 24" x 45", adjustable height, perfect for home offices. A standing desk made in Canada, showcasing the rich grain and warm tones of the wood.
A well-lit home office showcasing a maple standing desk with black legs. This desk, made in Canada, brightens up the workspace while promoting better posture and ergonomics.
A home office setup featuring a cherry wood standing desk with white legs. This Canadian-made ergonomic desk makes for a productive and stylish workspace.
Canadian made maple standing desk, 24" x 45" in size. The light wood grain of the desktop offers a refreshing and warm touch to any home office.
24" x 45" cherry standing desk set up in a home office, with white legs complementing the rich red tones of the wooden desktop. This Canadian-made desk offers a mix of style and ergonomics.
30" x 57" walnut standing desk, a height adjustable sit-stand desk perfect for any workspace. Crafted in Canada, it combines ergonomic design with the timeless beauty of wood.  Large walnut standing desk with dimensions.
30" x 57" maple standing desk, showcasing the beauty of natural wood and made in Canada. The adjustable height makes it a perfect ergonomic addition to your home office.
Ergonomically designed 30" x 57" cherry standing desk, set up in a home office with white legs. This piece highlights the beauty of Canadian-made wood desks.
30" x 69", featuring an adjustable height for optimum comfort. This standing desk, made in Canada, provides a spacious wooden desktop for all your office essentials.
A 30" x 69" maple standing desk crafted in Canada. Its spacious size and light wood colour make it a striking piece of office furniture that seamlessly combines functionality and design.

The Skylow Standing Desk

  • Made to order (16-20 weeks)
  • 10-year warranty*
  • 0% Financing Options
Sale price$1,649.00

Custom is our cup of tea. Please share your requirements and we'll make sure it fit your needs.

A Standing Desk
More Customizable Than Ever

We Are the Woodworkers

Introducing our Solid Hardwood Handcrafted Standing Desk, a fusion of elegance, functionality, and unparalleled customization. Designed for professionals, home office users, and business owners seeking a workspace that reflects their unique style and needs. Crafted in Canada, this standing desk offers a variety of customization options, from edges and forms to wood species, colors, finishes, and office equipment. Explore the perfect blend of quality, innovation, and personalization.

The Benefits of a Standing Desk
Stand Tall, Feel Empowered

Experience a new level of comfort and productivity with our standing desks. Key benefits include:

  • Improved Posture and Ergonomics
  • Increased Energy and Focus
  • Flexible Work Environment
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • Boosted Mental Well-being
Your desk, your way
Limitless Customizations
Create a desk as unique as you are. Choose from a spectrum of customizations: edges, wood types, colors, finishes, and shapes. Tailor every detail to match your vision of the perfect workspace.
Elevate Your Space
Superior Tabletop Thickness

Experience the difference with our standing desks featuring a robust 1.25" tabletop thickness, surpassing the standard 1" found elsewhere. Elevate your workspace with unparalleled durability and style.

effortless transitions
A Keypad that Knows you
  • 4 pre-set heights
  • 2 usb charging ports
  • up-down button
  • digital height display
Seamless Add-Ons
Organize Your Desk

Enhance your setup effortlessly. Our desks accommodate a range of add-ons – monitor arms, grommets, cable management, wireless phone chargers, and more. Let your workspace evolve as your needs change.

Built for Longevity
Warping Protection

Invest in reliability. Our desks feature two c-channels to thwart warping over time. Work with confidence, knowing your desk is engineered to withstand the challenges of daily use.

Natural Solid Wood
Crafted in Authenticity

Experience the beauty and resilience of solid wood. Our standing desks are meticulously crafted from premium materials, offering a connection to nature while fostering productivity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Justin E.

Le bureau debout moderne coche toutes les cases pour moi. Son design élégant s'harmonise parfaitement avec la décoration de mon bureau, et la construction solide me donne la certitude qu'il durera des années. Que je sois debout ou assis, le bureau reste stable, sans le moindre tremblement. C'est vraiment une excellente addition à mon espace de travail, je suis très heureux de cet achat !


I've been considering getting one of those for a while and I'm very pleased with my order. This standing desk is a game-changer!! It fits perfectly in my small home office without taking up much space and the design allows me to switch between sitting and standing easily.

A standout piece!

I cannot recommend Ref's Canadian Cherry sit/stand desk enough. Its remarkable craftsmanship, ergonomic design, and customizable features make it a standout piece of luxury furniture. It has transformed my workspace into a haven of productivity and comfort, making work a pleasure rather than a chore. If you're looking for a premium, versatile desk that meets all your needs, look no further than Ref – they truly deliver on their promise of excellence.

Vincent Andrisani

Ref custom wooden furniture did a great job on my custom sit/stand office desk. i needed an out-of-the-ordinary size for my apartment and they crafted a really well made walnut desk that looks great and is incredibly functional. Nick did a great job of showing me what's available and Pat was excellent while assembling the final product. i'd fully recommend ref furniture and may even return for a monitor stand.

Khushal A.
Totally recommend Ref !!!

We ordered a one of kind spalted maple sit/stand desk with Ref. For our warehouse shop on a tight deadline and i don’t even know where to start! The desk was absolutely gorgeous, sturdy and you can truly see the craftsmanship on this piece of furniture.

The team at Ref. Is amazing and they answered any questions I had and delivered on time. I would recommend Ref. Any day of the week

Why Us?

We Care

We use FSC certified lumber from our local wood sources, reducing considerably our carbon foot print.

Free Shipping

Get your desk at your door step effortlessly across Canada and the United States.

Buy Worry Free

We offer a 10-year warranty on our wood product and a 30-day risk free return.

Tailored to You

We offer customizable furniture but also bespoke and custom services to meet all your needs.


Yes, at ref. we offer customization options for our desks. You can choose from different sizes and solid wood types to match your specific needs and aesthetic preferences. If you would prefer another wood essence or dimension, please contact us at info@ref-co.ca.

Our desks are designed for user-friendly assembly. Each desk comes with detailed instructions, and our customer service team is also available to assist you if needed.

Our adjustable desk features a control panel with four preset heights and up/down arrows for quick adjustments. You can easily change the height to suit your preference at any time.

The primary benefit of an adjustable desk is the ability to switch between sitting and standing positions, which can aid in reducing back pain, increasing productivity, and promoting better posture.

Our adjustable desks are built with durability in mind and can comfortably support up to 150 kg. This makes it suitable for holding multiple monitors, laptops, and other office equipment.

To ensure your adjustable desk retains its beauty, keep it away from direct sunlight, as prolonged exposure can alter the color of the wood. Try to maintain a stable indoor climate with a relative humidity ranging from 40-60%, and a temperature between 60-80°F (17-23°C). Excessively dry or humid environments can cause the wood to warp or crack. Regularly dust the desk with a dry, soft cloth, and only use cleaning products specifically designed for wood furniture. Always test the cleaning products under the desk to avoid discoloration. If spills occur, wipe them up immediately to avoid staining.


Handmade Custom Furniture

Each of our pieces is an embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship, skillfully handcrafted to ensure timeless beauty and exceptional durability.


Not exactly what you're looking for?

Don't settle for something you're not 100% in love with. Custom is our cup of tea. Explore our bespoke furniture/millwork services and share all the details of your project. Let's craft your dream together.